Flood & Water Damage Carpet Drying, Cleaning, Deodorizing, Clean Up & Restoration Services

Chem-Dry Larson’s supplies a wide range of floor and furniture cleaning services to the residential homeowners and commercial business owners of the Greater Salt Lake City, Utah area. Being a locally owned and operated franchise, we have been licensed and insured since 1975. With our favorable reputation and the use of natural and effective cleaners and top-quality equipment offered exclusively to licensed professionals, we continue to deliver high moral standards, family-friendly customer service, and extraordinary execution on all services rendered with premium results.

Flood & Water Damage Restoration Services

When your home or business in Greater Salt Lake City, Utah is inflicted with flood/water damage from any source, it can be a devastating mess to tend to. When water floods the carpets, you need it cared for as soon as possible before irreversible damage occurs. Chem-Dry Larson’s professionals have been masterfully trained, possess years of experience, and have the expertise to perform our flood and water damage carpet cleanup service quickly and efficiently. Chem-Dry Larson’s commercial and residential flood and water carpet cleanup service includes; water extraction, carpet drying, carpet cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing to renew your once flooded carpets.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration to Prevent Mold, Mildew & Structural Damage

If your Greater Salt Lake City, Utah residential or commercial carpets are neglected after water and flood damage happens, they can be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, mildew, and mold. It generally begins from the sub-floor and rises to the surface. Once any of the visual particulates manifest, you can rest assured the damage if far worse underneath the carpets, padding and even the sub-floor. Instead of spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to replace the water damaged carpets, invest in Chem-Dry Larson’s affordable flood and water carpet cleanup service.

Customized Water Damage Repair

Chem-Dry Larson’s flood and water carpet cleanup service generally is as follows below, but please note, everyone’s mishap can have unique circumstances and our professionals make the necessary adjustments and tailor the procedure accordingly to ensure your carpets are renewed and healthy for your home or business in Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas.
– Specifically designed equipment to bring into your home or business to extract the excessive and freestanding water off the carpets, carpet padding, and if necessary, the upholster.
– Monitor water removal process until it is sufficiently completed. We use specifically engineered equipment to ensure all pockets of pooled water are efficiently removed as well.
– Exclusive professional grade carpet drying equipment and dehumidifiers. The dehumidifiers are used to return the humidity levels to normal. Drying the carpets and padding for a thorough dry can take a few days depending on the severity of the damage, however, we will continue to monitor the drying process and reposition the equipment as the days pass.
– Follow up after the carpets are dry with a deep carpet cleaning to remove any microbial growth and any other contaminants and debris. With a special natural formula, the carpets and padding are cleaned and sanitized, as well as deodorized.

Flood & Water Damage Carpet Drying, Cleaning, Deodorizing, Clean Up & Restoration Service in Washington Terrace, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Bountiful & Layton Utah

Cleaning the carpets after a flood and water damage catastrophe is just as important as the extraction and drying steps. Chem-Dry Larson’s knows the seriousness of water and flood damage to your carpets and we will diligently restore your carpets to make it safe and healthy for your home or business in Greater Salt Lake City, Utah. If your home or business has been inflicted with flood and water damage, trust in the experts of Chem-Dry Larson’s to guarantee a fully comprehensive flood and water carpet cleanup service. Do not delay, and call us as soon as possible to get started.